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Criminal Defense Attorney Robert E Munns

Criminal Defense Attorney Robert E Munns

Do you need an RI criminal lawyer?

Sometimes, good people find themselves on the wrong side of the law. If you’ve been charged with a crime, then you know that navigating the legal system can be scary and confusing. This is not the time for going it alone. You need an experienced attorney who specializes in criminal defense matters to advocate for your rights. Choosing a highly skilled criminal lawyer is key to getting the best possible outcome; the shortest sentence, the lowest fines, and the best deal.

Personal service

As your RI criminal lawyer, I will personally handle your case. Not like those giant RI criminal defense firms where you never know who you will be dealing with from one day to the next. My compassionate staff and I will always treat you like a person, not just a number.

We are in court every day fighting many charges including:

I understand that sometimes people make mistakes and I know how a criminal charge can impact every aspect of a person’s life. That’s why I work with each client to plan a strategy that will reduce the disruption and get them back on track as soon as possible. No two cases are alike. You deserve an RI criminal lawyer who will approach your case as a unique and individual circumstance.

Convenient location

With offices located directly across from the Providence, RI Courthouse, I spend less time traveling to court and more time working on your defense. Quick access to courtrooms, administrative staff, and last-minute conferences means I will always be available when it counts most. Clients appreciate the convenience of walking to the court after meeting at my office, with no extra commute needed. After all, legal matters take up enough time in your life and this is one more way that working with me will ease the burden.

RI criminal lawyer ready to work for you

Time is of the essence in any criminal proceeding. Missed deadlines and incorrect forms can have disastrous consequences for unsuspecting people. That’s why it is important to contact a Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer right away to get started building your case. I am available to talk in person or over the phone. So please, don’t wait any longer. Call my office today to explore your options and develop a defense strategy that fits your needs.